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Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

This is no B S testominial!!! This guy is a pro.. Helped me with my Sig, put a Burris on it and looks, displays, and functions Flawlessly!! Ask anything, he is more than accommodating.. Do not Hesitate one bit, Todd does exactly what your lookin for..
Posted By: jason C
I was on a tight shedule and I wanted a special piece for my brothers College Graduation. Customized Creationz was fantastic at getting the job done quickly while providing pictures during the process. I overnighted the slide and they engraved on three sides with such clear, crisp detail exactly what I had asked. It was a very professional job done to perfection. I highly recommend these guys to anyone looking for that special touch!

Thank you, - Hooter in Texas
Posted By: J Hooter
I had him do ccas melt job with a refinish in cerakote sig black and flat dark earth stage 2 action job meprolight night sights one of his stainless steel guide rods the finish on the gun is awesome. very easy to clean up. the action work is great and the gun is very accurate. i have had him do several guns for me now and have several more that he is going to do. if your going to have any refinishing work or custom work done to your gun todd is the man to do it. very professional, very knowledgeable and polite. couldnt ask for a better person or business to deal with then Todd.

If anyone is thinking about getting this Todd is THE MAN to do it, looks great and he's going to be seeing my 9mm very shortly. Thanks!
Posted By: Sean
I got the barrel today-looks good!
Posted By: Karl H
Hi Todd, The barrell came in today--Looks beautiful! I took the P6 out to the range. HP's feed much, much better, but will still take some time to find the right combo. Thanks again for a great job.
Posted By: Ron S.
Glock Barrel Polishing - Simply AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!! Very Impressed! Thanks!! I will be sending you more VERY SOON!
Posted By: Todd T.
Hi Todd. Got my P220 guide rod today, looks and works perfect. Thanks
Posted By: Zack (Beerman)
Todd, My P6 barrel you modified arrived today. Man, it is BEAUTIFUL. I'll probably be able to shoot some hollow points through it before the end of the week. I'll give you a report after I do. Thanks again,
Posted By: Tim
Todd, I received the guide rods in the mail today. They look great. You do excellent work. Thanks
Posted By: Steve
Polished XD .45acp Service Model Barrel and Guide Rod. That's amazing! Looks very professional, Im glad I sent it to you. Thanks
Posted By: Allen H
Todd, Chuck got the Officers' model and finally brought it for me to look at, LOOKS GREAT!!! You did a fantastic job.... Thanks again for a great job, had a hard time inspecting it for slobberin' on it...
Posted By: JR
Todd, I got my package!!!!! Okay, 1st off HOLY SHIT!!!!!! Second off, UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! I can’t believe how well they turned out. Everything looks great, I will need to meet with you to drop off my Kahr to have the same treatment done. I’m kind of wondering though how the entire slide would look polished like the Glock you have on your website??? Anyway, I’ll be getting in touch with you to see when a good time to meet would be. Thanks so much for everything. I look forward to having more work done soon.
Posted By: Terry
P6 Feed Ramp Machine to feed Hollow Points. Got it today Todd. Looks awesome...much improved over factory!
Posted By: Seth
Todd - It came out sooooo nice. Very happy with it. I have a couple more parts I wanna send you. Will send details and ask about pricing soon. Here are some pics. Use them for your website if you wish. Thanks again!
Posted By: Nate
Todd, got my P6 barrel and guide rod today. They both look stunning. Man, that barrel is clean now! Thanks
Posted By: Hunter

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