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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Plating Services

Todd McKechnie's Customized Creationz now offering Small Parts Plating Services!

We offer Bright Nickel Plating and Bright Nickel Boron. Bright Nickel Plating is more of a cosmetic appearance type plating, whereas Nickel Boron is more of a functional plating with the benefits of Nickel for corrosion resistance and Boron for extreme lubrication. Bright Nickel Boron is a surface treatment for steel and metal alloys (including aluminum) that combines sub-micron particles of boron with electroless nickel. By using an electroless method, we are able to 100% evenly coat the entire part (even internal cavities) in a uniform manner, which gives us a greater consistency in the finished surface. If wear does occur between two surfaces, the nickel Teflon plated part will expose new fresh particles to ensure that you have a 100% well lubricated area.

Black Chrome is coming back!!!!! Email us!!!.

Plating Services Price
Rifle Barrels (Polished & Plated) $140.00
AR 15 upper and Lower (Anodized Stripping Included) $425.00
Quad Rails AR 15 type (Includes Stripping) $165.00
Buffer Tube $55.00
Single Magazine Rifles $65.00
Most entire rifles (includes all parts except pins, springs, etc.) matte satin finish (call for custom price) $660.00+
Handgun Barrels $55.00
Handgun Slides (Plated Only) $100.00+
Controls (Polished and Plated) (each) $25.00
Handgun Slides (Polished & Plated) $275.00
Complete Hand Guns (Surface Finish Matte or Satin) $395.00+
Single Magazine handgun $45.00
Small Parts (Minimum Of 3 Parts) (each) $25.00

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