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Thursday, August 16, 2018

ATF Legal Laser Engraving Services

Todd McKechnie's Customized Creationz taking it to the next level!

True Laser Deep Engraving. This is not laser etching, but actual Deep engraving that is ATF legal. This is durable and has depth to the engraving. Laser engraving will not rub off like laser etching will. Super fine detail. Just send in your image ( JPEGS in black and white will work in most cases but require art work fees ). Radius (curved such as a barrel or revolver cylinder) engraving also available, please contact us for information on radius engraving.

Maximum surface area is roughly 2.5 inches square on one plane.A proof will be completed prior to engraving and submitted to you for approval prior to engraving. Please send a CD, Flash drive or Jump stick with the images or text you want done in a vector (images), or black and white jpg.

All engravings are on a per quote basis only.

Laser Engraving Services Price
Laser Engravings $65.00+
Logo or Design Art Fees $75

Laser Engraving Gallery

STARS Engraving
First of many S.T.A.R.S. Beretta slide being finished. Machined off the factory engravings, deep laser engraved the Mod. Samurai and will machined the front serrations and then finish the other side and refinish in black.

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