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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

General Pricing

**Updated for 2013**

All prices subject to change without notice.

Polishing Services Price
Barrel Polishing (Most Makes) $55.00
Guide Rod Tip Polishing $25.00
Controls (Polished & Plated) (each) $25.00
Slide Polishing Glock style square slides, 1911’s) $195.00+
Slide Polishing Sig’s, XD, XDM, M&P $220.00+
Large or intricate slides $275.00+
Complete Gun Polishing $770.00+

Laser Engraving Services Price
Laser Engravings $65.00+
Logo or Design Art Fees $75

Ceramic Refinishing Services Price
Slides Only $95.00
Frames Only $125.00
Complete Guns With One Magazine $205.00
Small Parts (each) $20.00
Grip Panels (each) $35.00
Handgun Barrels (each) $25.00
Handgun magazines (each) $30.00
Handgun magazines extra capacity (each) $35.00
Rifles Minus Stocks metal only $305.00
Rifles With Stocks $385.00
Rifle Upper Or Lower (AR-15 Type) (each)$85.00
Barrel only $85.00
Refinishing small parts ea. (levers, triggers, hammers, etc.) $20.00+
Refinishing quad rails for AR15 type rifles (small) $95.00+
Refinishing quad rails for AR15 type rifles (large) $125.00+
Refinishing rail covers (each)$25.00+
Refinishing butt stock (adjustable or multi piece) $110.00+
Refinishing butt stock (one piece) $85.00+
Refinishing fore grip (one piece) $85.00+
Refinishing scope rings (set) $55.00+
Refinishing scope mounts (large) $75.00+

Custom Machine Work
Custom Lathe and Mill Machine work is billed at an hourly rate $75 an hour, with a minimum 1 hr charge on all work. After 1 hour the billing is on 30 minute intervals and rounded to the next number. This does not include design time or cad time. Materials for Custom Machine work are payable as a deposit up front before the work is started.

Design & CAD Work
Design time and Cad Cam Work is billed at $75 per hour with 1/2 hour increments after the first full hour.

$75 hourly rate for any Gun Smithing work. Minimum 1 hour charge , billed in 30 min increments after 1 hour.

Shipping Charges Price
Complete Handgun (Insurance Is Extra) $40.00
Complete Rifle (Insurance Is Extra) $65.00
Most Parts/Items - Items such as hand gun slides, barrels, misc. small parts, hand guards for rifles, magazines, butt stocks, etc. (Insurance Is Extra) $15.00
Large Parts - Items such as rifle barrels, rifle stocks etc. are per quote due to size and weight. (Insurance Is Extra) $Per Quote
Insurance (For Desired Coverage) $1 per $100
Plating Services Price
Rifle Barrels (Polished & Plated) $140.00
AR 15 upper and Lower (Anodized Stripping Included) $425.00
Quad Rails AR 15 type (Includes Stripping) $165.00
Buffer Tube $55.00
Single Magazine Rifles $65.00
Most entire rifles (includes all parts except pins, springs, etc.) matte satin finish (call for custom price) $660.00+
Handgun Barrels $55.00
Handgun Slides (Plated Only) $100.00+
Controls (Polished and Plated) (each) $25.00
Handgun Slides (Polished & Plated) $275.00
Complete Hand Guns (Surface Finish Matte or Satin) $395.00+
Single Magazine handgun $45.00
Small Parts (Minimum Of 3 Parts) (each) $25.00

Miscellaneous Work Price
Sight Installation (Customer Supplied Sights) $40.00
Action Work (Stage 1) $175.00
Action Work (Stage 2) $250.00
Action Work (Stage 3) $375.000
Barrel Threading Common Pitches (Barrel Already Removed) $85.00+
Handgun Assembly Charges $85.00
Long Gun Assembly Charges $85.00
Rust Or Pitting Removal (starts at) $85.00+
Slide Equinox (Brush Finish) $75.00
Media Finish Slide $65.00
Media Finish Frame $100.00
Jeweling (starts at) $75.00+
Feeding Issue Repair $55.00+
Handgun Front Serrations On Slide $85.00+
Checkering (starts at) $275.00+

Transfer Fees Price
Incoming $50.00
Outgoing - Includes Shipping up to $25 (Insurance Is Extra) $75.00
Insurance (For Desired Coverage) $1 per $100

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