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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Firearm Refinishing Services

We use KG Gunkote which is a Military / Aerospace coating that is extremely hard/durable, chemical/corrosion protection/resistant, self lubricating, heat dissipation and abrasion/scratch resistant . These coatings are designed and engineered to meet and/or exceed all military and aerospace specifications for protective coatings. Pencil hardness tests greater than 9H in rating (impact resistance). Our Coatings will provide a 180-degree bend without any coating loss of chipping/flaking.

These coatings can be applied on materials such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel, wood and plastics. The coatings provide incredible strength factors and durability.

Tight tolerance guns are not affected in most cases. Coating thickness is generally .0003-.0004 in tolerance areas, and in cosmetic areas a maximum of .001 is applied.

In most firearms everything is coated except pins, springs,grips and sights. In case of cosmetic appearing pin heads, the head alone is usually coated and not the shaft itself.

The following colors are carried in stock and available at all times:

  • Stealth Black
  • Armor Plate Tritanium
  • Brushed Stainless
  • Dark Earth Hunter
  • OD Green Assassin
  • Purple
  • Pink

Custom colors shown in some of the gallery pictures can be specially ordered at additional costs, please email for quote.

*Please note we NO longer use Cerakote. KG Gunkote has improved its products above and beyond Cerakote.

Ceramic Refinishing Services Price
Slides Only $95.00
Frames Only $125.00
Complete Guns With One Magazine $205.00
Small Parts (each) $20.00
Grip Panels (each) $35.00
Handgun Barrels (each) $25.00
Handgun magazines (each) $30.00
Handgun magazines extra capacity (each) $35.00
Rifles Minus Stocks metal only $305.00
Rifles With Stocks $385.00
Rifle Upper Or Lower (AR-15 Type) (each)$85.00
Barrel only $85.00
Refinishing small parts ea. (levers, triggers, hammers, etc.) $20.00+
Refinishing quad rails for AR15 type rifles (small) $95.00+
Refinishing quad rails for AR15 type rifles (large) $125.00+
Refinishing rail covers (each)$25.00+
Refinishing butt stock (adjustable or multi piece) $110.00+
Refinishing butt stock (one piece) $85.00+
Refinishing fore grip (one piece) $85.00+
Refinishing scope rings (set) $55.00+
Refinishing scope mounts (large) $75.00+

Refinishing Gallery

A customer picture of a hydro-graphic we did along with machining & other refinishing.

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